Arjun Narasingha K.C. - Senior Leader of Nepali Congress
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Biography - Arjun Narasingha K.C.

                                            CURRICULUM VITAE



1. Name:                      Arjun Narasingha K.C.


2. Present Designation:      

Elected Member of Central Working

                                      Committee, Nepali Congress (NC).

3. Academic Qualification:

    Masters of Arts (M.A.), Political Science: 1970 Tribhuvan University,

                                                                         Kathmandu, Nepal         


    Bachelor of Law:                                            1972 Tribhuvan University,

                                                                                  Kathmandu, Nepal


    Study & Expose                          Fletcher  School of Diplomacy  -- Study & international Relation & Foreign Policy decision making Process in United States for a month – 1982

Language Proficiency                              Nepali, English and  Hindi; Sanskrit (self study).



4. Present Address                 Gongabu, Ring road, Kathmandu   

                                      Tel: 4353270

                                      Fax: 4353270, Cell: 98510-32405


                                                 Personal Web


 Office Address                       Nepali Congress Central Office

                                         Sanepa, B.P.Smriti Bhawan

                                                 B.P.Nagar, Lalitpur, Nepal

                                      Tel: 00977-15551351,

                                                Fax: 00977-1-5555188





5. Personal Profile:


Date of Birth:                         Sept. 27, 1947


Place of Birth:                        Rautbesi VDC, Nuwakot, Nepal


Father's Name:              Bhagawan Singha K.C (late).


Mother's Name:           Yashodha Devi  K.C(late).


Marital Status:                       Married     


Spouse Name:                        Pratima K.C.


Children:                       5 (4 daughters,1 son)  


Ethnic group:                         Kshatriya


Mother tongue:            Nepali


Language Proficiency :          Hindi, English


Hobby / Interest:                   Reading the books

                                              Being in nature


                                              Public Relations


Motto in life: To serve Nepal and Nepalese People


6.Entry in  Public life  and Activities:

From the High school life, actively involved in Students &   Youth activities. Associated with different Youth & Students Organization since 1960 onwards. Activist of  Student & Youth Movement for Democracy in the autocratic era, as it was banned activity against the then  King’s despotic rule so it was a part of Democratic movement

 Association with Students Union and Activities :

·    General Secretary, Shanti Vidhya Griha High School, 1961-1963

· Executive Member of Kathmandu valley Student’s Union 1964

· Founder Chairman, West No. 1 ( Paschhim 1 number Chhatra Samiti )Students Committee,


· Vice Chairperson and Chairperson of  National (Now named as 'Shankar Dev Campus')  

         College Union 1964-67.  

·    Chairperson, Association of Political Science, Tribhuvan University, 1969-70

·    General Secretary, Students Union, Tribhuvan University, 1969-1970

·    Founder Member & Coordinator of ( Nepal Biddhyarthi Sang Sammelan Tayari Samiti in T.U ), Nepal Students' Union, 1970-1971


7. Work Experience: 

     i.        Visited almost  71 districts of Nepal, for various local Political & social interaction programs, development initiatives and events, meeting the Nepali people, raising awareness campaigns, listening to people’s grievances, providing access to the party and the local & central level offices of Nepal Government.

   ii.        Active Representative of the Nepali Congress in chalking out and  framing the Interim Constitution before the Constituent Assembly Election, 2008

 iii.         Coordinator and Spokesperson  on behalf of Nepali Congress in Seven Party Alliance for the restoration of Democracy( Jana Andolan )against the Monarchy in  2000-2003

 iv.        Chairperson & Kathmandu Valley Coordinator of  Nepali Congress in 2002-2003 People’s Movement ( Jana Andolan)


8.Held following Position in Nepali Congress:

                                  i.            Joint General Secretary and Spokesperson of Central Working Committee (2005-2010).

                               ii.            Member of Mahasamiti and Maha Adhibeshan (NC).

                            iii.             Chief, International Relation Department, Nepali Congress (1999)

                            iv.             Chief, Department of Professional and Intellectual, Nepali Congress (1999)

                               v.             Chief, Publicity Department & worked as a chief in various departments

                            vi.             Central Member – Democratic Socialist  Youth League Convened by N.C. in Varanasi –  in1973 under the Chairmanship of late Shailaja Acharya,at that time when all Political Parties Were banned in Nepal

                         vii.            Elected executive member – Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party, 1994-98

                      viii.            Representative (arbitrator)  from Nepali Congress for 10 points agreement between Nepali Congress and Communist Party of Nepal(UML)  in Parliment-1991

                            ix.            Chairman  Parliamentary Regulation Drafting Committee, House of Representatives, 1996-1997

                               x.            Member of central committee Nepali congress since 14 years


9. Held following position with the Government of Nepal:

                               i.            Minister for Education (1998-99)

                            ii.             Minister for Health

                         iii.            Minister for Housing and Physical Planning (1998)

                         iv.            Elected Member of Parliament (2 times since 1990)

                            v.            State Minister for Health (1982-1983)

                         vi.            Member of National Panchayat (1981-1986)

                      vii.            Chairperson – District Panchayat (1986-1989)



10.           Publications: Many articles written and published in different magazines and newspapers on contemporary political, social and development issues (on going)



11.Professional Experiences :      Lecturer of Political Science, Saraswati Campus,   & Tribhuwan University, 1973-1975

                                                             Head of Department Political Science

                                                             Saraswati Campus, Thamail

Law Practice as Advocate, 1973-1975

                                    Founder Headmaster of Janajyoti High School,                     

 Narja Mandap,,Nuwakot


12. Social  Involvement & Experiences:

o   General Secretary of Youth Assembly( Tanneri Sabha ), National Youth Organization organized by Democratic forces,1972

o   Secretary, Central Executive of Afro-Asian Solidarity Council

 under the chairmanship of late Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi, 1975-76

o   Vice Chairperson, Nepal-Japan Friendship Association- 1985

o   Founder  & Patron of various  Social & Humanitarian organization

o   Founder Chairperson of various High schools and colleges


13. International Conferences, Seminars & observations:

·       Participated a Seminar on Peace, Capacity Building, Negotiation Approaches & Protracted Conflict in Kroc Institution for International Studies in, University of  Notre Dame, Indiana, USA for a week-  April 22-29 2013.

·       Attended the first Neapali Janasamparka Samiti Convention in Italy in March –April 27th to 3rd 2012.

·       Attended Several conferences & interaction Program in various Nepali  Janasamparka Samiti of different countries. Nepali Janasamparka samiti is a branch of  Nepali Congress in Verios countries of the World.

·       Awarded Friends of Liberation War Honor in Dhaka (Bangladesh) by the government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 15th December 2012.

·       Participated  in a seminar on Comparative Study  of  International experiences in  Peace Process & & constitution making. It was also a negotiating interaction between Democratic parties and the then CPN (Maoist) on contentious issues of peace process & Constitution making in Steckborn, Switzerland Feb.11-17th2011

·       Attended Boston Negotiation & State-Building Program for Nepali Political Leaders  Participated by all major Parties of Nepal, sponsored by Karuna Center for Peace Building & the Fletcher School of  Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University in 24th June to 6th July 2010

·       Conference of Asia-Pacific Political Parties  in Seoul, Korea in May 22-25  2008

·       Represented All major Parties of Nepal interaction Program about the ongoing Peace Process of Nepal in United Nations in July 2007

·       Study on transitional justice mechanisms and Truth and Reconciliation process in Lima, Peru  July 2007-

·       Attended on behalf Nepali Congress in  ICAPP Special Workshop 0f  International

·       Two Weeks long Visit for the  Study on transitional justice mechanisms, Local peace committees and Truth and Reconciliation process in South Africa –July 2006

·       Participated in the official visit to United Kingdom in the invitation of British Government from Jan. 24-29, 2004

·       Participated in seminar on conflict resolution and peace building in multicultural societies in Motezillon, Switzerland, sponsored by Swiss Development Corporation in Feb. 11- 18, 2003

·       Participated in a seminar on Political Party Reform in Asia Workshop  11 2nd about Political Party Accountability: Principles & Realities sponsored by NDI  &        Council of Asian Liberals& Democrats  in Bangkok, Thailand,  in August 12th to 16th  2003

·       Visited People's Republic of China on the invitation of Central Communist Party of China on the Friendship delegation led by Party president Girija Prasad Koirala in June 1 -8, 2002

·       Participated in Socialist International Council Meeting in Manila, Philippines April 15, 2002

·       Attended a Workshop on Political Party Strategies to Combat Corruption Sponsored by NDI & Council of Asian Liberal & democrats-Jan 13th t0 16th in Bangkong,Thailand

·       On behalf of Nepali Congress represented in 13th National Convention of Sri Lankan Freedom Party  in March 2-6, 2001

·       Participated in International Visitors Program sponsored by the United States Department of State in Sept. 18th to Oct.19th2001

·       Participated on behalf of Nepali Congress in international conference of major political parties of Asia-Pacific ICAPP in Manila, Philippine in September 2000

·       Distinguished guest in First National Conference of Nepalese working citizen in Japan in September 2000.

·       Attended Conference of Socialist international as a representative of Nepali Congress with present President of Nepali Congress in Paris, France in November 1999

·       Attended as Health Minister of Nepal in World Health Organization Conference in Geneva  in 1996

·       89th Conference of Inter Parliamentary Union held in New Delhi (April 11 to 17, 1993)

·       90th Conference of Inter Parliamentary Union held in Canberra, Australia (Sept. 13 to 18, 1993)

·       Attended General Conference on International Human Rights held in Vienna under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in 1994

·       Formal visit of the then Czechoslovakia as a Health Minister in 1983

·       Attended as Health Minister of Nepal World Health Organization – conference held in Geneva – 1983

·       International Visitor Program sponsored by U.S.A. for a month in September 1982 in different states of America

·       International Conference on Education and Literacy, Sponsored  by Asian-South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education in Colombo in 1980 and  in Macau in 1981

14. Foreign Visits

India, Bangladesh, Japan, U.K., France, Germany, U.S.A., China, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao